Lets do IT…

Let’s program your unconscious mind for success!

You want to build your business so that it provides the wealth, freedom and impact you dream of, right?…

As you read through this page, I’m going to show you why the majority of business owners never achieve their goals and how to hack your brain to set yourself apart from the pack.

But first, is this you?

Do you visualise the life you want of successfully working for yourself? Do you crave the freedom to set your own schedule, travel, spend time with those that matter to you, make an impact and feel the security of a well-deserved income?

Well you are probably starting to realise that it takes more than just a business strategy and a hustle mentality to truly achieve the freedom you are after.

If you are like most business owners, the lack of tangible and consistent results leads to the feeling of stress, fear, and frustration. You also notice the lack of initiative to move forward with key decisions regarding your niche, outreach strategy, price, offer and anything else that may move you forward.

What’s the problem? Why does this happen?

I answer this in 2 parts.

Your conscious Vs unconscious mind….

You may or may not know by now, but setting goals and increasing your level of action is calling upon the limited resources of your conscious mind. This is where just 5% of your overall decisions and actions are made.

No wonder so many business owners are procrastinating!

With this in mind, I’m sure you can see why the grind and hustle mentality is like scrapping the barrel of your potential. The digital marketers who come to me are often relying on sweat equity while holding onto the belief that they aren’t good enough at some level.

Why is this important? The strongest unconscious force in your human psyche is to remain consistent with how you view yourself.

As long as you rely on business tactics and hustle, sooner or later you will find your unconscious brain self-sabotaging your success in order to remain consistent with the identity of not being good enough.

It’s just like having an enemy spy control your brain with fear, stress, doubt, worry, temptations, and distractions.

If you’re the type of business owner who wants long-term, sustainable success, you need to take control of your unconscious brain instead of it controlling you.
Remember the last time you procrastinated? I think you understand the feeling.

I’ve helped over 130 business owners do this by shifting their internal beliefs and self-identity.

Believing your thoughts…

Most digital marketers start their business with all the best intentions of changing their thinking and being positive. However, they grow to realise that it’s almost impossible to change their mindset with any type of consistency.

This is because they are trying to change their thoughts instead of changing their level of thinking.

You have the power to think about your thoughts, can you not? You and your thoughts are, therefore, separate.

The more you believe your thoughts and mistaken them as facts, the less control you will have over your results.

But you are NOT your thoughts. You are the conscious being thinking your thoughts. If you can think about it, you can shift the level at which you think.
We have all heard the saying that we cannot solve a problem with the same resources that created the problem in the first place, yes? Why put yourself through the pain of circling the same thoughts with the same feelings driving the same results?

Ever done a magic eye illusion where all of a sudden the correct image pops out at you? That’s what happens with solutions once you shift your level of thinking and call upon your true strengths.

How we solve it…

You are probably starting to understand that until you make an unconscious shift in your beliefs and self-identity, nothing else really matters.

You can try to slam the round peg into the square whole all you like, but the evidence is clear that you don’t achieve what you do. You will always achieve who you are!

It’s time to take control of your powerful unconscious mind and start making the shifts where it matters most.

Imagine what your life would be like if instead of fighting against your success with worry, fear, and procrastination, your unconscious brain were to go into battle for you.

It’s all about making an internal shift in your beliefs and self identity. Once we change that gear in your brain, your unshakable discipline, focus and confidence will run the show.

What would life be like for you? Where would your business be in 3, 6, or 12 months? How would you feel? How would others look and be inspired by this new you?

That’s what we tackle in my 6-week program. It’s my mission to make you so disciplined, focused and confident that you have no choice but to follow through on your own word and grow your business.

The simple fact you are reading this now means you are ready to take a leap and back yourself with courage. It’s time to reach out, let’s have a chat and see how we can get you moving towards your freedom and away from being stuck.

It’s time to take action!

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