How to Stand Out Online 

It’s one of the main things you might be trying to do with your business branding, messaging, and marketing.

Stand out above the noise by being different, unique, and completely authentic.

So HOW do you do that? How do you find out what makes yourself unique so you draw in the right audience?

I just listened to an interview with Rory Vaden who shared the 6 key questions that you must know if you are to stand out as a brand.

Some of these you may already know. However, if you haven’t received the traction online that you want you, may want to go deeper on your brainstorming.

  • Who do you serve?

You need to be able to accurately state who the person is that you are serving.

  • What problem do you solve?

Challenge yourself and see if you can describe this in 1 word. If you can’t do this, your audience, and potential clients sure won’t.

  • What do you love to research?

What are the topics you love to learn? Not necessarily something that you have studied out of necessity, but what’s something you would read and learn about on a Saturday afternoon? What your heart calls you to here is a huge part of who you are and the passion that lives inside you.

  • What results have you achieved?

Your business isn’t about teaching people information that you learned from someone else. Your audience wants to know what YOU have done and what outcomes you have achieved in your life. If you have achieved some epic results, share it and be proud of it.

  • What do people want to buy from you?

Some options are products, affiliate deals, information courses, memberships, certifications, coaching services, books, speaking, training etc. For many of you, that offering starts off under the ‘services’ umbrella. You may also branch out to offer a few of these. The main question is: What is your core offering?

  • What business do you want to be in?


Rory recommends leaning towards the business model that gives you the most leverage possible. Even if you are starting off trading time for money, what leveraged model are you moving towards?

The leveraged options are: Digital, Automated, Reoccurring, Evergreen, and Scalable. If you have offerings that incorporate some of these characteristics, you will be getting a lot of your time back.


When in doubt, just ask yourself:

What do I want to do?

How could I make money doing it?

What could I sell?

What would I be good at selling?

What would create the lifestyle I want to have?


The intersection between all of these is where your uniqueness lies. Take some time to brainstorm these questions and find out what makes you unique.

Standing out isn’t always about checking out your competitors and doing something different. It’s going deep within yourself and seeing who you really are.

Socrates said it best when he shared ‘To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom’.

So, explore at depth your unique passions, purpose, pains, and pleasures that exist inside you.

Ultimately you stand out by being more YOU. Find out who that is and put it on full display unapologetically, be in the service of others, help people get the results you have, and build your business on top of that.

If you want to use the Serving Circle to do that, I’ll see you this week on the collaboration call. I’d love to see who we can introduce you to!

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