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Tyson Sharpe helped me when starting my business to see the immense difference that focusing on your mindset can bring. There are 1000’s of tactics out there, what do you choose or ignore? I’ve realised now to ignore most of them! All you need to do is raise your standards, master Tyson’s simple tools and then throw a few tactics in. I’m already feeling like I am way ahead of the competition! Elliot Cole

I just needed to know how to use them effectively. I went into my first session overwhelmed, tired and totally over it. Tyson instead helped me to regain my energy, build momentum and a new enthusiasm for my business. Within an hour, I went from being ready to crawl into bed and walk away – to smashing through my challenges like they were nothing! Nikhil Rughani

Yesterday evening, I participated in a training call with a new friend to help me build my confidence to become a better network marketer. Tyson Sharpe has really helped me to understand my fears more and how to control and work with them.

I now realise that my fears have prevented me from starting to build my confidence when speaking to people I have never met, they have protected me from just doing it and failing, but have provided me with the motivation to do more to succeed and serve something greater than myself and my fears.

I would recommend Tyson Sharpe’s business coaching as he really understands the Psychology of Business Success and how to achieve it in various ways Naomi Pitchen

He is effective in his genuine approach. I believe that he has wisdom beyond his years as well. After only one session with Tyson, I had a profound shift in gratitude and releasing fear, which led to physical pain in my heart/chest going away for good. This was very exciting to say the least and proved to me how strong the body/mind connection is and how effective Tyson’s coaching is as well. Thank you Tyson! Elly Brunskill

One word AWESOME! Before I knew Tyson I was tumbling around don’t really know how to conquer my fear or even know that I have that fear “Rejection”, long story short, I got into his Coaching process and he gave me SPECIFIC advice on how to handle it (especially when I get stress I go to my comfort zone which is food) and he said say this when you get “rejected”, It’s not a setback, it’s a step FORWARD. Kevin Diaz

So I’m 55 years old and I’ve been floundering, not actually living, just existing, until I started my lessons with Tyson. Now I realise why I do things and why others do what they do.

I now look at things from a different perspective and feel more in control. I have rediscovered a passion for knowledge, what I turn around!

I know I could never have achieved this level of excitement that I had lost without Tyson’s coaching

He is amazing, and I only wish I could have taken these lessons earlier. Karen Sutherland

*TRANSFORMATION* – What a Godsend.
I couldn’t be more excited to write this recommendation for Tyson Sharpe, his ability to help me shift my thought process and stand in my ‘Warrior’ state was beyond what I had expected, I am truly blown away… more to the point the changes that took place for me following our session, are mindblowing. I’m showing up in my power and NOT giving a f@$% what others think of me being true and just in a world that needs love, which has resulted in me booking several strategy sessions, connecting with some huge influencers, launching training program, finish reading 2 books…. the impressive part that’s in 48hours…. only God knows what will happen this week. Needless to say I will continue to work with this AWESOME, CARING, INSIGHTFUL being. If you need to get your house in order you would be a fool to not have Tyson on your team* Gita Curiffe

” I would like to recommend and thank Tyson Sharpe for being a great coach.

I had lost my way a little and was striving to see what direction my life was heading in. When you are filling in Online Depression tests, you know you have problems.

After only a few sessions and interactions with Tyson I can already see a path to a bright, happy and more fulfilling future.

Tyson is only young but he has the knowledge and skills to make a difference to a lot of lives.

Give him a try – you have a lot to gain!” David Wyatt

I have to say that ever since we started (its been only 12 days) I feel like a different person already! I’m focused and generally feel in control, not to mention that I’m starting to turn my worries into actions in a very efficient way Veronika Nemeth

I can’t recommend Tyson’s coaching course enough. He has helped me gain insight into why I do things and what had stopped me from achieving my goals. He cares about his clients and gives 100% of his attention to them. I will never again say ‘I am stuck’, I have learned how to get myself out of my funk thanks to him Sherin Chikhani

Recently, I’ve had an opportunity to receive some much needed coaching from Tyson Sharpe. It was most impactful to a mindset I needed to have as I shape my entrepreneurial spirit into an entrepreneurial BODY! But that starts with the mindset and perspective to march forward with no Fear. Fear is objective!! And I thank him for helping me to shape that mindset into a more fine-tuned way of thinking that will undoubtedly lead to my business successes Jason Hall

Tyson is exceptionally insightful. I like his practical approach to self-awareness. Our session was transformative. In helping me understand why patterns kept occurring in my life, Tyson made me feel empowered to try on new ways of thinking and behaving. A powerful insight in our session helped me to make peace with a long-standing inner criticism. I’m truly grateful for his time and approach. Kathryn Buford

Tyson’s session with me was truly eye-opening and extremely motivational. I was able to figure out why my self-doubt occurs when it comes to progressing in my business and what I can do to overcome these negative thoughts and emotions. From my session with Tyson I could tell that he truly cared about finding the root cause of specific setbacks and he put in his time and effort to fully understand where I was coming from and why I felt the way I did. I have never met Tyson in person but will recommend him with eyes closed to anyone who needs guidance and direction in how to become a more centered and successful person in all areas of life. Santiago Vanegas

I have recently completed an initial coaching call with Tyson Sharpe. Being a person who is constantly aware of health, my mind was not expecting too much.
To say I was pleasantly surprised is somewhat an understatement. Using subtle techniques, Tyson managed to shift perceptions that were so deep, I hadn’t even acknowledged them. What I have learned about myself and the reasons why has changed the way I approach my goals. What I know now can be applied in all areas of my life and I am in control. This enables me to be a better version of myself.
Tyson tailors the whole process on where you need the focus and he ensures that you would benefit from his expertise before any commitment is made. The whole experience has been amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who is not functioning at their absolute best! Minna Lawrence

I recently had a tremendously helpful 2hr Momentum Session with Tyson, after an initial 45min call. In that initial free call (that actually ended up going to just over an hour), Tyson helped me get clear about what I wanted to focus on during my Momentum Session, scheduled for a later date.
The amount of value I received from Tyson is just incredible, both in addressing my particular situation, but also in terms of value for the investment I made with him. If you are looking for deeply insightful and effective relationship help from someone with heartfelt authenticity, do yourself (and your partner) an enormous favor, and reach out to Tyson Sharpe right now… Leon Rossouw

I started in December with Tyson Sharpe and he’s helped me increase clarity and achieve my goals in areas that matter to me. MJ Tullo

I recently had the opportunity to partner with Tyson on a coaching session. He was very inspirational in his wisdom in the questions he asked and did a great job of “deep diving” into portions of our discussion. This involved helping transforming and blending the mind, heart and soul into mindset motivation I found him to be very intuitive and instinctual as a coach and very motivating. He provided a very helpful mindset exercise at the end that was extremely helpful to tie in the work we had done together. I would highly recommend Tyson as a coach. Kristin Durney

Being no stranger to this type of coaching, I can say that I was thoroughly impressed with Tyson and his process. Like any good coach, Tyson recognized that telling me what to do wasn’t the right way; instead, he asked those perfect questions that led me to discover it on my own. Even more important, when I was speaking with Tyson, I could tell that he really cared about me and what I had to say. On just one call, I already felt a refined sense of clarity about my business and the struggles I was facing. He helped me re-frame my experiences so I could use them for positive momentum forward. If you’re looking for a
coach to help you bring your business to the next level, you won’t find anyone better than Tyson. Joseph Macolino

My Breakthrough session with Tyson was just that, I saw something that was right in front of me that I had not seen before. I was dealing with decades of chronic pain topped off with breaking my back 6 weeks ago. Tyson helped me see that the pain medication I’ve been on – just once a day – was not only numbing the pain, but was numbing me mentally and emotionally to the point I was no longer feeling the joy in life I should, and was no longer feeling the motivation to seek out and deal with the cause of the pain. I won’t stop taking pain medication because, duh, I have a broken back, but I am now on guard against the side effects of apathy and dullness that will keep me stuck in pain unless I rise above it. Thank you, Tyson. Cheryl Buckingham

Tyson Sharpe’s expertise & vision helped me a lot in putting into a system many of the ideas I had about my consulting business .
Through his smart questions he helped me with planning of my strategy in order of priority.
I recommend Tyson Sharpe for any business consultancy start-up. Arjan Metaraku

Lately I had a moment of discouragement. After that I found myself stuck in everyone of my activities. Tyson came in that moment had a little chat with me to understand my situation. And he did his thing. Unbelievably he put me back on truck. I shifted from stuck to confident, motivated productive person. I will definitely recommend Tyson Sharpe.
Yodith Gideon Yodith Gideon

Just a note of thanks for helping me reach clarity on my vision and values. I continue to make progress and move forward with aspects of my present circumstances and future goals. Your no-nonsense style coupled with an excellent sense of humour gave me the perspective I needed. Though I’ve never seemed to suffer from a lack of enthusiasm, there was a lack of clarity and areas of frustration. Thanks to you, in just a few sessions, I now have greater certainty about the path that I’m pursuing. You had an excellent way of distilling my words and ideas and honing in on the real issues. Your creative tools, great listening and genuine care will help bring anyone out of a tough spot with a stronger outlook. Reg Malhotra

I wanted to be sure I thanked you for your expertise and fine manner in handling my concerns on getting my business up and running. You have a great gift in listening and asking the right questions to get to the heart of the matter. Be it a block in the person and your gentle way of pursuing that and exposing it so one can move on in a much more profitable way.

I found you had that same knack looking into the business model. Finding the kinks so solutions could be offered and acted upon once again freeing up resources to go on in a more profitable way.

You truly are a treasure trove. A real gold mine. It would be my pleasure to recommend you to anyone looking to improve their business.

Ted Holmes Ted Holmes

Thanks Tyson for your remarkable insights. You have shone a light on all of the self defeating and negative self talk which has plagued me for too many years. I have redefined ‘failure’ as not showing up, not doing the work and not trying….this has made a big difference. It has helped me to see that past mistakes were really just an outward expression of ‘testing and trying’ and these were all necessary in the journey. Each time I get back up again I am a little stronger and wiser. I no longer need to be fearful of success! Thank you again. Jan Macalister

Thanks to Tyson, I’m now able to pinpoint the origin of my feelings and identify what has been holding me back from procrastinating. It’s like having wool pulled back over your eyes. With the tools and resources Tyson has provided me, I can successfully move past those limiting thoughts and grab onto the progressive forward-thinking thoughts and actions that will propel me to the life I’m intended to live. Thanks Tyson, you’re the best and anyone who works with you can only become the better version of themselves!!!!! Jennifer Joseph

Thanks for helping me stay positive and striving towards my goals Tyson Sharpe.
Guys if you are a business owner or you are looking to start your own business and are struggling with staying positive or are procrastinating check out his page. Abideen Omoba Kosoko

I enjoyed our call, it was really informative. You asked questions regarding my current situation and what keeps me motivated, during our discussion I began to learn more about myself & what fuels my procrastination, which helped figure out the root of my problems. By the end of our call your conclusion was tailored around my priorities which helped me digest the fact that I’m only going to achieve my goals if I became more proactive and focused. Thank you! Seeba Farooq

I really benefited from the session with Tyson because he gave me a few helpful tools to help me reframe and assess life’s challenges in a practical and empowering way. I feel better equipped to tap into the resources within myself to overcome obstacles and become my best self. Thea Sander

The life changing and profound truth is this: There’s an unlimited supply of discipline and self-control at your disposal whenever you need it.

It’s all within yourself.

But even Luke Skywalker needed Yoda to show him the way. Tyson will help you not only realize the power you can access within yourself, but learn how to embrace and channel it whenever you need to.

So, don’t hesitate. Invest in yourself and sign up with Tyson Mitchell B Miles

I did this workshop with Tyson a week ago. The best thing I took away from it was being able to access different states. He taught me how to change my mental and physical state to be more empowering which resulted in changing my focus on my goals. Now when I feel like I’m procrastinating, I can change my state to be more productive! Austin Fontyn

Tyson holds true wisdom in his coaching sessions. Procrastination, fear of judgement, inaction, and weak minds are no obstacle Tyson hasn’t seen. While these may chain you like a prisoner, Tyson has a way of showing the keys were within reach all along. Excellent guy, highly recommended! Isaiah Turner