Let’s do IT…

Avoid looking back in 12 months time and realising you should have taken the right steps early!

Want to fire your boss and earn true freedom?…

Are you sick of living a life where you are waiting for the weekend? Do you want to wake up every day knowing you have become your own boss and can start living life on your terms?

Are you starting to realise NOW is the time to make a change?

What would it be like if you were to have no salary cap, to work with those who inspire you, to make a difference for a mission you believe in?

What would you feel day in day out if you could travel, spend time with your family and be the role model you always wish you had.

The fact you are here means you have reached a point where you’re ready to do anything necessary to make that dream a feel-good reality for yourself.

That’s exactly why I created the SHARPE Method, to move you from fear and uncertainty to true emotional and financial freedom…


After coaching over 160 business owners one on one, I’ve been able to highlight the very mind shifts and marketing strategy necessary for you to consistently prospect and profitably conduct 15-20 sales calls per month.

You have probably seen other programs focus on just putting the business tactics in place. However, you and I both know that having a plan and being able to execute on it are two different things.

Even if those programs and courses focus on mindset, odds are they only focus on shifting the conscious mind. These could include shifting thoughts, relying on hustle, and using affirmations.

The SHARPE Method allows you to overcome the fears, doubt, and frustrations of growing a business by shifting the system that controls 95% of all your decisions and actions- the unconscious mind.

What areas must be shifted?

Story– The unconscious story you are telling yourself that’s holding you back much be identified and shifted

Heart – You must get out of your head and into your heart.

Ask – You must ask yourself more resourceful and empowering questions.

Result– You must be very clear on exactly what you want.

Peak-State – Controlling your mental and emotional state for success.

Evolve – Learn, grow, and contribute through your challenges while executing on the business plan.

These are the mental areas that you must master if your unconscious brain will start driving you to smash your goals rather than defaulting to self-sabotage.

What does the program look like?…

So you may be thinking what this program looks like. For you to become a successful business owner from the inside out, and to start generating 15-20 profitable sales calls per month we need to first rewire your brain for success, and then put in a business plan to get clients knocking on your door.

Once we have removed your unconscious patterns leading to fear, doubts and frustration, we will start building your tribe filled with clients that want your help and start building relationships using content marketing.

It’s the easy simple system of

  • Add people to your tribe
  • Build a relationship
  • Give them something of value
  • Invite them on a call
  • Put money in the bank

Once you have your mindset programmed and your business system in place, you will be the business owner others wish they were.  

This process will be completed over a 12 session program where you will work one on one with me in helping condition your mind and business for long-term success.

What’s next?…

Now, before you apply, I only take on those clients who are driven by results. This is not for you if you are hoping for an easy ride and a get rich quick scheme. If that is you, please DON’T apply for this program.

However, if you are totally committed to becoming a full-time business owner, if you are willing to work hard, solve some internal conflicts and go all in on this decision, then you may find this is the perfect opportunity for you.

So you may be reading this and thinking ‘how do I get started?’

Well, your first step is to jump on a strategy call with me where we will discuss a few things.

  • We will uncover the current unconscious patterns holding you back.
  • Lay out your marketing strategy.
  • Have you leave with confidence knowing the exact steps of what to do next.

But I don’t want you to take my word for it. Check out some of the stories below and see if you want the same results.

Book below and find out if you are the right fit for this program.