Let’s do IT…

Avoid looking back in 12 months time and realising every business strategy needs the correct mindset!

Is NOW the time to become the business leader your team needs?…

Do you catch yourself in the patterns of not feeling worthy of success or ‘good enough’? Do the patterns of fear, doubt, and frustration hold you back from getting to the 1 million dollar mark and beyond? Are you starting to realise a deeper level of emotional fitness is required for you to lead your team, be an example, and make a meaningful difference?

If you are looking to take the leap to the next level, you may have seen how much your emotional life can impact how you network, conduct meetings, organise deals, and consistently innovate to add more value to your clients.

How many challenges can you solve and solutions can you create while feeling fear and doubt? What do you think your team, prospects, and clients feel when they see the uncertainty and doubt in your eyes?

Well, what would your life be like if your unconscious thoughts, emotions, and actions all aligned to fight FOR you instead of against you? What would be possible for your team if you had the bulletproof mindset to storm through any challenge that came your way? What meaningful difference could you make in the world, and how will others look at your business?

If you are here reading this, odds are you have tried many mindset strategies in the past and remained on the surface level. This may be in the form of shifting your level of behaviour, or even trying to think more positive thoughts. The reason why this doesn’t work is that you will be tapping into only the 5% of your conscious mind, keeping you stuck.

That’s exactly why I created the SHARPE Method, to move you from fear and uncertainty to confidence and certainty, so you can achieve your commercial goals without fail…


After coaching hundreds business owners one on one, I’ve been able to highlight the very mind shifts necessary for you to achieve your goals with no internal resistance or self-sabotage. 

To create this shift, we have to go deeper. A lot deeper.

The SHARPE Method allows you to overcome the fears, doubt, and frustrations of taking your next big leap by shifting the system that controls 95% of all your decisions and actions- the unconscious mind.

What areas must be shifted?

Story– The unconscious story you are telling yourself that’s holding you back much be identified and shifted

Heart – You must get out of your head and into your heart.

Ask – You must ask yourself more resourceful and empowering questions.

Result– You must be very clear on exactly what you want.

Peak-State – Controlling your mental and emotional state for success.

Evolve – Learn, grow, and contribute through your challenges while executing on the business plan.

These are the mental areas that you must master if your unconscious brain will start driving you toward your goals rather than remaining stuck.


What does the program look like?…

So you may be asking yourself what this program looks like. 

The SHARPE Method allows you to achieve your goals and become the business leader your team needs by helping you build the skills of thought awareness, emotional mastery, and state management. 

Once we have removed your unconscious patterns leading to fear, doubts and frustration, you can start implementing these strategies in your life to gain more control on how your brain solves the challenges in front of you. This means that while you are making deals and networking with key decision makers, you can embody the emotional states of love, passion, creativity, determination, and certainty so you can reach the outcomes beyond your wildest imagination. 

To learn and implement the mind tools, we will run 12 deep dive sessions (60-90mins) every 2 weeks, that allow us the time to dig in deep into your unconscious mind and create the shifts necessary to build the platform. 

Up your sleeve, you also hold weekly alignment calls (10-15mins) that give you the space to ask any questions and allow the small tweaks necessary before jumping into the vital scenarios your business produces.

Now, you may be thinking, ‘this is awesome and so needed, but what about my team?’

Yes, your team provide a crucial component. Therefore, if it’s the right fit, we also conduct group coaching calls for your team members to also build the same mind tools necessary for their brain to be supercharged while carrying out their mission.

Yes, I know we are all busy, and there are only so many hours in the day! That’s why I have created an online course that gives you the flexibility and freedom to learn and apply the necessary mind tools in your own time at your own speed. Having the ability to learn and practice in between sessions means when we get on the phone we can dive in deep and create rapid shifts in very little time. 


– 12 Deep Dive Sessions (60-90mins)

– Weekly Alignment calls (10-15mins)

– Team Group Coaching Calls

– Access To Online Course 

This program is completed within the span of 6 months. 



What’s next?…

Now, before you apply, I only take on those clients who are driven by results. This is not for you if you are hoping for an easy ride and a get rich quick scheme. If that is you, please DON’T apply for this program.

However, if you are totally committed to becoming the business leader that makes a meaningful difference, if you are willing to work hard, solve your internal conflicts and go all in on this decision, then you may find this is the perfect opportunity for you.

So you may be reading this and thinking ‘how do I get started?’

Well, your first step is to jump on a consult call with me where we will discuss a few things.

  • Get crystal clear on what it is you want.
  • We will uncover the current unconscious patterns holding you back.
  • Lay out the exact tools and strategies for how to make the necessary shifts.
  • Have you leave with confidence knowing the exact steps of what to do next.

But I don’t want you to take my word for it. Check out some of the stories below and see if you want the same results.

Book below and find out if you are the right fit for this program.