A bit about Me…..and how I can help YOU!

Welcome, I’m so glad you are here!

You’re here because you have already made the decision. That decision is to do whatever necessary to leave the corporate world and achieve higher levels of freedom, income, and impact in your own online business.

But there’s a problem.

You’re worried if you’re actually able to gain consistent business to make your dreams a reality. Not only that, but all the fears, doubts and frustrations run through your mind of:

  • “Am I good enough?’
  • “Can I actually make this work?”
  • “How long will it be until I can replace my income?”

If these thoughts have entered your head, that means you are looking for a system to give you certainty.

You want a way to manage your thoughts, emotions, and actions so you can build your and results as a successful online business owner.

Imagine waking up each morning and feeling as though you have control back in your life. You look forward to working with the people that give you energy, towards a mission that you truly believe in.

You feel the flexibility and freedom to spend time with those you love, and better yet, you’re being an example of what’s possible for them.

How would this impact other aspects of your life? What would your health, relationships, and overall happiness transform with being in charge of your own successful online business?

Where would you travel, what would you experience, and how would your mindset

How would you internally grow with this challenge and how would you like to contribute with your new found success?

If even the asking these questions starts to make your heart race and get you excited, you may be starting to ask what needs to happen in order to build this reality.

Well, there are two aspects you must have in place.

  • Marketing to bring you consistent and predictable clients.
  • Develop the mindset to profitably conduct your sales calls.

How I Help You

This is exactly why I created the ‘SHARPE Method’, to take you from fear of failure and rejection, into financial and emotional freedom.

So why does this work? Well, I’m sure you have seen that most business programs tell you WHAT to do. This is the exact reason why people get stuck.

How the hell are you expected to follow through with a business plan effectively, while you have your internal patterns of fear, doubt, and frustration holding you back like a bungee cord attached to your back?

The SHARPE Method is designed to shift your internal patterns first, helping you feel confident and that you can get outside your comfort zone and profitably sell to grow your business online.

If you want more clients, income and freedom, if you want to prospect, sell and deliver with confidence, you need to shift your beliefs and self-identity at its core.

Are you starting to realise this is exactly what you need?  Click below to organise a quick 20 minute mini session with me.

I can totally relate to what you’re experiencing. It happened to me too.


Now, as an emotional fitness coach, I can see the patterns in all digital marketers who work with me. To date, I have coached over 130 new business owners and I love being able to take them from one side of their business challenges to the other, so that they can grow a profitable business.

This journey started for me when I was in Canada several years ago and jumped into studying some personal development books and courses. I had six years of university under my belt, achieving a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Masters in Human Resources. However, procrastination should have been my middle name because I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career.

It was only once I started my personal development journey that I fell in love with the art of coaching. Being able to take someone from one side of their problem to the other by solving the internal conflicts within them became an obsession.

I completed core and advanced training with the Robbins-Madanes Training and also studied the art of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

The problem was that I had no idea how to grow a business, and a couple years into my journey, my business results were poor at best. After 9 months I had 0 clients.

I was stuck, getting the same results over and over again; it was so frustrating.

The key insight came when I figured out there had to be something within my model of beliefs and self-identity that was leading to poor actions and results.

This is when I discovered the unbelievable benefit of investing in my own coach. Having someone on the outside observe your thoughts, patterns and life, gave me the ability to see what was previously in my mental blind spot.

My business took off when I figured this out.

I worked on my own mind every day and results started to compound. As soon as I shifted my identity I even got 3 paying clients in the same week! I used it to transform all areas of my life that I valued the most.

My passion is to help other business owners, like you, achieve the same results through my 12 week program where you can feel yourself transform from the inside out so you can finally become a successful business owner with all the freedom, income and impact you desire.

It’s up to you…are you ready?

Do you really want to still be having the ‘should I just get a job?’ debate 2 years down the track?

It’s time to consider a different approach.

Let’s stop trying to succeed and start BECOMING a success.

Step up into your potential and you start changing lives of family, friends and clients.

Want to see some different results? Book in a 20 minute mini session with me and we will see if we are a great fit.

Let me be straight up with you. This is NOT for those who don’t want to be honest, who are looking for an easy fix or don’t take their business seriously.

However, if you are the type of business owner who is serious about building the discipline and focus necessary for success, this call could be the best investment you have ever made in yourself.


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