A Bit About Me…..And How I Can Helpp YOU!

Welcome, I’m so glad you are here!

If you’re here, odds are you can start to feel what it would be like to have a business that aligns with your heart and soul.

But I know a leap like this is death to your old story of what you thought you needed to be and what needed to happen in order for you to feel enough and safe. The stories may look like:

  • “If I go broke and it doesn’t work I’ll die’
  • ‘I’m ok where I am now, it’s familiar and what I know’
  • ‘I need to be responsible and leap when the time is right’

Yes, this type of leap is so scary to your mind, but you might start noticing that not listening to your heart is even more painful!

You are in pain and it’s hurting your soul when you don’t listen and act on your calling, and instead, stick to a small limiting story keeping you safe and secure.

It’s scary because your heart will give you a nudge, like the GPS in your car, just giving you one step at a time. That’s why it’s a leap because you are being guided by a higher guidance system that is so much larger than what your mind can see.

But imagine what it would feel like to wake up every day and do what lights you up, what calls to your soul, and what feels completely aligned. Do you not think the infinite creativity, flow, and alignment will lead you to a successful destination?

The world is calling for you to step into your zone of genius, take your heart’s leaps and create a difference in the world that will make it a better place because you were here.

The story of safety, security, and mediocrity stops here, with you. You are the example you want to see in the world, and having a business that is aligned with your heart, puts you in your creative flow, and consistently expands you beyond yourself is what creates a win for you, your clients and the world.

To make that happen, there are 3 core skills you must master.

  • Self-Connection
  • Heightened Consciousness
  • The Courage To Leap

How I Help You

This is why removing your small, limiting stories is so important. You are like a helium balloon that always wants to rise. Your consciousness is always looking to expand. Yet, when we tell ourselves the stories that we are not good enough, or that we don’t have the resources, you push your balloon down.

This means you are just fighting against yourself, pushing down what is naturally trying to emerge and be released. 

When you place priority on the connection with yourself, evelating your consciousness and taking the courage to leap from your heart, you will start to release the patterns of fear, doubt, worry, stress, and overwhelm that are pushing your balloon down. 

What you may find is that by releasing your emotions and elevating your consciousness you realise that being extraordinary is actually easier than playing small. It’s naturally what you are designed to do, it’s just that you have been used to playing small to feel ‘enough’ and safe. 

If you are starting to realise this is exactly what you need, feel free to click below to organise a quick 30-minute session with me.

And yes, I have had my journey with fear and doubt on this journey too…

My Journey

Yes, I can tell you about the hundreds of people I have coached and the 6 years I have spent at University. I can tell you about the coach training and NLP studies, coaching events and endless personal development seminars. But my guess is, you don’t really care about any of that. My guess is that you would rather hear about the times I have been in pain and forced to take my own leaps…

You Tyson that has inspired you to read this is the version of me that awakened once I decided to take on the challenge of meditating in silence for 2 hours a day.

Why would I do such a thing? So I could face whatever fears, doubts, and frustrations I had lurking inside of me and find out who I really am on the other side.

The first day I did this, I meditated for 6 hours, breaking down all the stories of what I think I should or shouldn’t do. I had so much sadness and stress come up that I was physically crying. 

It’s in this space that I learned what is coming up, is trying to get out. All my fears and worries were being felt because they were ready to leave, and that’s what meditation did. Now we faced the next obstacle. 

I had heightened my level of consciousness where I realised that who and what I am is infinite. Why was that a challenge? I was in so much pain because I was still taking action based on my small, limiting story. Yes, I was still in a part-time job which was no longer my heighest expansion. 

My mind was freaking out because I told myself the story that I needed consistant money to be safe. When I thought about leaving, it was so exciting to my heart and body, but terrifying to my mind. But with the courage of my soul, I left the job and with no safety blanket, decided to grow my wings.  

I jumped with one thought in mind: ‘In taking this leap, I am willing to go broke, lose everything, or grab the opportunities that are presented to me. Either way, I’m going to be fulfilled knowing I’ll find who I am.

Since that leap, I have lived a life of external freedom because I now know what it’s like to create internal freedom first, regardless of what’s happening around me. 

This is all available to you on the other side of your leap. Grow your wings. 

It’s up to you…are you ready?

If you choose to move forward, you will find that it’s nothing like what most coaches would have you go through. 

Most would have you go through a strategy session where you talk about your goals, pain points, and where you are now so that we can build up enough leverage to have you sign up into the program.

I am not like that. What I’m interested in doing is doing a full session with you where we actually shift the biggest emotional pattern that’s holding you back right now. 

Why? Because I have no clue if we are the right fit, and right now, I can only take on clients who are a 10 out of 10 for me, and me for you. Therefore, I need to know that you are willing to face your darkness, transcend your patterns and then build your business from a place of possibility. 

Even if it’s not the right fit, I love being creative and flexible with how we may create something together, collaborate, or even leverage our networks to help each other out.

Think this is too good to be true. Try me. Click below to book a call 🙂