Have you ever really backed yourself?

Have you ever really gone all in on yourself?

Do you trust in your own internal resources to reach a massive goal?

I was faced with a decision at the start of my coaching journey.

I had been experiencing incredible results and making beautiful shifts within myself due to the personal development interest for about 6 months.
I then came across a man by the name of Tony Robbins.

He was running an online course teaching students the tools and skills necessary to create powerful shifts in their clients. I had seen a big change within myself, and I wanted to learn how to do that for others.

There was a challenge.

The investment for the program was half of everything I had in the bank, and I mean everything.

I was a poor traveling Australian and I had other concerns.

What if I got hurt while over there? What if I got sick? What if I got kicked out of my accommodation? What if I had to fly home for an emergency? Surely I needed the finances for other reasons, right?

What also went through my mind was the fact I had drifted through my life scared of making a decision about a career path. I had been waiting for a source of inspiration to hit me where all my passions, interests and skills would all align.

I had lived in a comfort zone and it got to a point where the lack of direction and passion caused too much pain to bare.

So I jumped in.

It’s true, we all have that human need for certainty, comfort, safety, and security.

This is why most people shy away from going after what they want. Getting outside a comfort zone opens you up for failure, rejection, humiliation, fear, and judgment.

Feeling these emotions can be worse than death for some people!

However, I have started to realise there are 2 pains in life.

Pain #1- is feeling uncomfortable going after what you want. This is really pushing yourself, opening yourself up for criticism, failure, and humiliation.

Pain #2- is the pain you feel the slow, drawn out, and uncomfortable regret of not taking action.

Both pains can feel very similar, however, the results are radically different. One type of pain leads to growth, opportunity, success, and is then diminished until the next challenge.
The other pain builds and will continue building until the necessary action is made.

When you look back on your life you won’t regret the failure, no one ever does. They always regret the action they didn’t take.
There’s no bad result from taking action.
1) Get what you want.
2) Learn a lesson – even better.
3) You may find unexpected grace.

But once you learn how to take massive action, and you learn how to go through that uncertainty, you can expect to feel uncomfortable and know its part of the deal.
You get better at taking action, and you grow because of it. You learn more about yourself and you don’t feel like you are hiding in your own life.

Since I made my big bold decision to go all in, it wasn’t just one decision. It was setting up the platform for how I make ALL the decisions in my life.

Since that moment I play life full out, all in, and I back myself to figure out the answers that lead to a positive outcome.

Now think about your life.

Are you going all in?

Have you had enough of choosing comfort over your own growth?

What bold decision can you make that would leave you feeling proud?

What decision can you make that would set you up to be a leader?

Once you go all in on yourself, you realise how brilliant you really are.

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