If you’re the type of person who wants to achieve some big goals, understanding this concept will mean the difference between holding that goal in your hands or falling flat on your face time and time again.

So as you read this, be aware of how it relates to you, your life, and your quest to achieve what it is you want in your life.

What’s something you want to achieve?

Really think about it. What’s something that you really want to have in your life?

Is it more money, more clients, a bigger business, a 6 pack, the love of your life? What is it?

Now ask yourself: Why is it that you want to achieve these goals? Why do you want it? Why does it matter so much to you?

The answer is because of how you think it will make you FEEL in the achievement of it.

For you, the achievement of this goal may mean more love, freedom, passion, joy, happiness, abundance, security or success.

How about the things you don’t want to feel in the achievement of it? These may be lack, scarcity, unhappiness, unworthy, unloved,

What’s the big take away here?

Everything you do or don’t do is because of a feeling you want to have or not have. Everything comes down to emotions.

Let that really sink in.

What does this tell me as a coach?

The vast majority of the time when you are not achieving the results you want to achieve, it’s because of an emotion you are unwilling to feel.

Most business owners that I coach are stuck because they are unwilling to feel the emotion of fear, humiliation, embarrassment or disappointment.

Think about why you find it had to prospect, make key decisions, cold call or even tell people what it is you do. It’s because of an emotion you are unwilling to feel!

What happens when that emotion arises?

We push it down, avoid it, distract ourselves and shy away from our own life. But what’s so difficult about feeling an emotion? When you give yourself the chance to let that emotion in, you realise that feeling the emotion of fear or embarrassment, for example, isn’t that bad at all!

An emotion is just a vibration in your body. Your heart may race, you may sweat a little, but it’s really just a light vibration in your body that causes a little bit of discomfort.

This is what you have been avoiding at the cost of your own goals and dreams! A small vibration!

People ask me what I think it is to be confident. I always tell them it’s the ability to be willing to feel any emotion.

You are probably becoming aware that if you are willing to feel ANY emotion in your life and not shy away from them, there’s nothing you can’t achieve!


But there is another take away here.

If you have been following me for a while you will remember that feelings don’t come from your circumstances, but from the thinking you have about those circumstances.

So what are the emotions that you want to feel in the achievement of your goals?

Your ability to feel those emotions are at full capacity right now, regardless of what’s going on around you.

That means the very thing you are after, is already inside you right now.

Isn’t that empowering to know?!

Think of how different your journey would be if you realised the very thing you are after, can be accessed right here right now.

The way you tackle challenges and design your life will come from a very positive place rather than feeling the scarcity of not having it.

Have the courage to feel any emotion. Build your emotional fitness. And move forward as your best self.

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