What I will explain here is how a small shift in your mind can create a powerful ripple effect that allows you to move from fear, into fearless.

As you read this you can think about your own challenges, goals, and aspirations, while having the insights of what needs to shift within you to get the best outcome possible.


We all know the saying that we are where our focus is.

What does this mean for your life and the obstacles you have to face?

Well, the number 1 emotion that holds us back from achieving our goals and reaching our potential is fear.

This fear may be unconscious, however, it’s the main reason why you procrastinate, distract yourself and doubt your ability to move forward.

At some level you are protecting yourself from getting outside your comfort zone, possibly failing and feeling as though you are not good enough.

In those moments fear stops you from acting. Or maybe you act, but deep down you know it’s based off fear and scarcity, taking 1 tiny cautious footstep after the other.

In those moments your focus is going to be on whatever it is that makes you scared. For you, that may be humiliation, making the wrong decision, or being rejected. Your focus may be on the lack of finances, freedom, and impact you would like to enjoy.

When your focus remains consistent in these areas, your brain will start to make up stories.

These are disempowering stories about who you are, what you are doing, and where you are going.

Ever told yourself the story that you are not good enough and feel stuck? We have all been there.

But this has nothing to do with you as a person or your worth.

ANYONE who holds there focus in these areas will share the same feelings and create the same stories. It’s part of being human and what the brain does naturally.

But where would be the best place to put your attention?

If you have to move your focus away from one area and towards another, what would be the best places to go? What would be the best places to hold your focus when you are looking to overcome some deep challenges?

I will list 3.

  • Love

When you are being driven by love, there’s no shortage of passion, insight, and gratitude to move you forward. When you feel all the love around you and are also in touch with how much love you can give, you realise there’s nothing stopping you feeling the most pleasurable emotions on the planet.

Once you start feeling the love and how you can give it, it will be immensely easy for you to also love yourself no matter what happens.

  • Growth

When you recognise that each challenge you face is an opportunity to grow, your problem-solving skills will skyrocket. You dig in deep and find the parts of you that need strengthening to accomplish the goal in the first place.

When you look for it, challenges always provide opportunities to strengthen your patience, passion, determination, creativity, and inspiration.

  • Contribution

This is one of the most powerful shifts because it takes you out of scarcity in a heartbeat. To feel fear in the pursuit of our goals we need to focus on one person and one person only, ourselves. Once your attention moves towards how you can give, serve and contribute, all fear will drop and your true self will start to surface.

So there are 3 questions here that can help you move past your fear, doubts, and concerns so that you can start to feel more emotionally resourceful when solving your business challenges.

  • Where is there love in this moment?
  • How am I growing because of this challenge?
  • How can I give, serve and contribute?

Your best self is available at any moment. It’s up to you to find that side within yourself.

Think about what you really value in life. Why are you on this journey in the first place? Is it to grow, find out what you are capable of, provide for your family, build a life of freedom, earn an income doing what you love?

When you hold yourself back, all you are doing is placing fear and comfort at a higher priority over those values.

It’s time to remind yourself that you value living life to the fullest over fear, scarcity, and comfort.

Thanks for reading!


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