Is this you?

Do you love personal development, growth, and learning, yet you catch yourself feeling pain, doubt, worry, frustration? Is the more your path is unfolding the more uncertainty you feel?

Do you feel as though there is a different path your heart is guiding you towards, but you hesitate, not knowing what the right move is?

If so, this is for you…

Key Insight

When you feel pain and high levels of uncertainty, it’s often a sign that something is emerging for your personal awakening. This is so you can let go and release a pattern that has held you back from seeing and achieving your greatness.

This emotional pattern is coming up so that it can come out. However, if you don’t hold space for it to be released and then act towards your expansion, you are presented with two choices.

  • Leap towards your heart’s calling
  • Lower your level of consciousness

If you don’t understand what’s happening inside your body and mind, you might stick to a life of mediocrity, always wondering ‘what if?’.

Think Of It This Way

Think of it this way. The more you heighten your level of consciousness, and you start to realise that you are infinite possibility, the more your ego will freak out.

Imagine the patterns of fear, doubt, and uncertainty emerging within you in the form of a 5-year-old child. This is an inner child that holds these particular beliefs around what needs to happen in order to feel safe, secure, loved and worthy.

A heightened level of consciousness and new levels of awareness will result in a separation between these beliefs. Yes, death to this side of your ego. Therefore, the fear, doubt, pain, and uncertainty that’s arising is nothing more than your ego trying to stay alive.

Can you see why many people never follow their heart? They have a calling deep down which they feel pulled to take. Yet, taking this path is often death to these patterns, which brings up debilitating fear.

That’s why following your heart’s calling often requires a lot of awareness and giant levels of courage.  

What most people don’t realise is that this inner child doesn’t need to be fought with or ignored. This child needs to be seen, heard, understood and loved. No fear can continue to exist in a space where is it actually seen. However, all fear will continue in a space where you don’t want it to be there.

My Example

For me personally, I’ve had so many circumstances in the last 6 months when my heart’s calling has caused my ego to freak out.

When I left my job, I had to face the pattern that said I needed a consistent income to feel safe and secure.

I was in a job that wasn’t in my highest alignment. It was no longer in my expansion. When I thought about leaving, and coaching online full time, I would feel a huge ball of lead in my stomach.

The funny thing was, the more I meditated and focused on the inner work, the more this pain would be there! Why the hell was this happening?

It’s because I was heightening my level of consciousness every time I meditated, and then I would take action that was consistent with my small story.

What did I learn from this? It’s often that pain, suffering and uncomfortable emotions are normally a sign that you’re leading up to a massive awakening. What comes with that awakening is the inner child kicking and screaming.

The more I held the space for this emotion to be there, the more the fear and uncertainty started to fade away. I was then left with the choice. Do I take the leap that is my heart’s calling, or do I continue to act in a way that is incongruent with my small, limiting story?

Yes, I decided to leap and face whatever emotional patterns decided to surface next.

Key Nuggets

  • Fear and uncertainty are signs of your heightened awareness
  • When you feel these patterns, recognise they need to be understood and loved.
  • Drop all resistance and need to fight against your inner child.
  • The more you love and welcome these emotions, the more they will fade away.
  • You are then presented with the opportunity to follow your heart’s calling, or continue to live the small, limiting story your ego has in store for you.

Action Plan

Hold space for your fear today and start to recognise that it is a very good sign that you are on the perfect path towards your personal spiritual awakening.