If you’re in business, you’re probably thinking ‘What’s the difference between those who make it, compared to those who don’t?’.

How is it that some people find a way to create a successful business with thriving clients, a steady income, and the freedom that comes with it, while others struggle for months or even years?

For the first 9 months of my coaching journey, I was in the struggling camp. I wasn’t sure what I had to do or what I had to shift to get consistent and predictable clients in my business. I was definitely low on emotional fitness!

What I didn’t realise at the time was that I was like a fly banging my head into the window trying to get to the garden! I simply couldn’t see the unconscious internal patterns that were holding me back.

Once I was able to identify those patterns and create the internal shifts necessary for success, my business took off.
Almost 2 years later and after coaching over 160 online business owners one on one, I’ve been able to crack this code and create the system that takes you from FEAR to FREEDOM.

If you are the type of business owner who wants more freedom, income, and impact, I’m sure you can see that the only thing holding you back at some level is fear.

So you’re probably asking yourself, ‘How do I build the emotional fitness necessary for success?’ and ‘What is the system that allows me to shift my unconscious fear so I can achieve the freedom I want?’

This is what I call the SHARPE Method.

The only thing stopping you from achieving what you want, in the story you tell yourself about why you can’t achieve it. The first step is to dive in deep and explore these unconscious stories you have been telling yourself and determine if they are serving you or not.
The biggest story you should uncover in yourself is the story of how you think life should be in order for you to be happy and ok.

Did you know that your heart has a separate intelligence from the brain? Before you think I’m getting too woo-woo, it is scientifically proven that focusing on your heartbeat for 2 minutes allows you to generate solutions to the challenges in front of you with more love, passion, creativity, flexibility and imagination.

While you are thinking from your heart, you must ask yourself more empowering questions. Your brain is like a super computer, whatever question you put in, it will generate some answers. What resourceful questions can you ask yourself that will drive the results you want?
Here are a few examples: Who do I need to become in order to accomplish this? How can I accept reality around me and continue to serve each moment? How can I learn from this challenge? What is it about this challenge that I can appreciate?

If you are to create the shifts internally to drive a result, you must know what that result is! When you are crystal clear about what you want, you can see when you are on or off track. This way you can reiterate and tweak as you go and be certain where you will end up in 3, 6, and 12 months time.

Nothing will affect your results more than your mental and emotional state. I’m sure you can see the difference in performance when you are excited and passionate compared to low and frustrated. It’s a different world, and being able to condition a peak state is a game changer.
How do you manage your state? It’s all about controlling your level of focus, internal language and being about to shift your physiology. If you’re wondering which one is more important, physiology wins hands down. Being able to move and use your body is all about tapping into your posture, breathing patterns, gestures, facial expressions and voice to command the type of mental state you desire.

On your journey, there will be both internal and external challenges. However, if you can evolve through the challenge, you will continue to level up with each obstacle making you the unstoppable business owner you were meant to become. How do you know you are evolving? Your focus must be on learning, growth, and contribution.
Another key component to evolve is execution! There is never a downside to taking massive action. You either get what you want, get the lesson you needed, and you prove all your limiting beliefs wrong.


Employing these mind-tools will not only set you apart from those who consistently struggle, but it will allow you to tap into your inner successful business owner. I would argue that you don’t want a successful business, it goes deeper than that. What you really want is to become the version of yourself that’s capable of running a successful business. This means having the emotional fitness to handle anything that comes your way!
Recognising and understanding this difference is the key to your success, and with it, all the freedom, income and impact you wish.

Thanks for reading!

If you are starting to realise that you must master your fear if you are to grow your business to the next level, feel free to click below and get free access to my mini course which walks you through the 5 steps for processing emotion. It’s time to become the fearless business owner you dream of.