Now, you’re probably thinking ‘what the hell Tys, you’re supposed to give me hope and inspiration. What’s with the subject title of this Blog post???’

Good question! Let me explain.  

As business owners we write down goals all the time. We write weekly, monthly and years goals. Hell, we write goals about our goals. Has it ever been your goal to accomplish 2 goals this week?  

However, if setting goals is so effective, why don’t we achieve what we have set? Why do new years resolutions only stay reality on paper? Why do so many business owners stay stuck for months or even years?

Well, if you have been following my content, you and I both know what you achieve in life comes down to nothing more than what you think, feel and do, correct? This is the core base of emotional fitness.  

Your thoughts drive your emotions, your emotions drive the quality of your actions and your consistent actions create results. It’s achievement in a nutshell.  

The key question then becomes: 

What do you think and feel when you write down your goals?

Some of you may be inspired, energetic and motivated. However, most of you at some level have the thoughts creeping in of ‘this is just another avenue to be disappointed’.

If you’re like most people, there is a lack of energetic charge when it comes to setting goals. It’s something you do that’s nice and it may create some clarity here and there. This is the reason why it rarely drives the necessary action moving forward.  

Even the very mentality and language around goals is: 

‘I’ll try it’ 

‘I’ll see how I go’ 

‘I’ll see if this will work’ 

Can you see what this is lacking?  

There is no element of certainty or conviction in your language.

If there has been a lack of this level of confidence in the past, isn’t it time to shift your approach? 

Well, here is one thing I learned at the start of my coaching journey… 

You sometimes achieve your goals, but you always achieve your musts!!

Whatever is a MUST in your life, you will find a way to make it happen. Think about how your brain operates when something is a ‘must’ in your life. You simply create the internal patterns and have the emotional fitness to find a way.  

Therefore you should never create goals, you should build new standards.

Instead of writing down your goals, write down the disciplines, practices and new ways of ‘being’ that are new standards in your life and are non-negotiable. This is where higher levels of self-love and self-respect come into play.  

If you are creating new standards for yourself, you burn the boats so that there is no retreat. Despite how uncomfortable you feel you will follow through on this new way of being and step into the next version on yoursellf.  

So ask yourself: 

What is a standard I need to set that will help me accomplish my goals? 

What do I need to think, feel, and act to move forward consistently?  

What is now a non-negotiable for me in my life? 

What happens when you approach life in this way? You not only build more discipline, but you build a relationship with yourself that helps you overcome any fear, doubt and uncertainty.

When you look at those who have succeeded around you, they have always followed this model as some level. When you speak, do you have the same level of confidence, certainty , and conviction in what you will achieve? If the answer is ‘no’, new standards must be put in place. 

Thanks for reading, and remember: You only achieve in life, what you conquer within.  

If you are starting to realise that you must master your fear if you are to grow your business to the next level, feel free to click below and get free access to my mini course which walks you through the 5 steps for processing emotion. It’s time to become the fearless business owner you dream of.