Is this you?

Do you find yourself frustrated when you don’t get the results you are hoping for? Do you have an underlying unconscious story that ‘I’ll be happy when something happens in the future’? Are you noticing the illusion of ‘I don’t know what to do next’?

This is a sign that you may be striving and not arriving.

Why is this important?

Your internal world and external results can all change in the matter of one moment when you give up the focus of ‘chasing your goals’.

Yes, this is almost the opposite of what we are taught, and it may be triggering for some of you (I hope).

Because believe it or not, your pain could be a very good sign! It’s a sign that you are starting to shift your level of consciousness to a point where answers are now shifting to come THROUGH you rather than from your hard work and effort.

This is what happens when you relax your mind, look inward for guidance, and let go of the story that more is better. What if you let go of the story that hard work leads to better results?  

Yes, when you relax, allow the unfolding of the universe, trust it’s all unfolding in perfect harmony, you reach an inner peace that allows your higher guidance to flow through.

That’s when you start getting insights and nudges from your heart to act from a place that feels aligned! This is your higher guidance showing you the path that will put you in flow. It’s from this place where you are both at peace with the now, but also feel the drive to make the contribution you were put on this planet for.

When you are at peace with the now, trusting your inner guidance, you will notice that your goals start to chase you!

Imagine this…

Imagine a perfect river running in a beautiful, lush green meadow. Can you notice how the river can be both completely peaceful and also flowing with allowance? This is how you can be both at peace with what is and allow the unfolding of your life to be guided.

What is to happen if you are to jump in the river and try to push the river? What if you tried to speed it up, or have it change direction based on what your ego and society think it should flow? Yes, you will just cause resistance. You will be interfering with the natural flow of life. The flow that allows everything to happen as they are meant to in divine timing and harmony.

What is yours will come in perfect timing when you aren’t trying to push the river. When you aren’t forcing results, pushing for approval, and trying to achieve something because you are not at peace with the now.

When you drop this story and allow your inner guidance to show you the way, you will sprout like the flower coming out of the ground when you are meant to.

My Example

I normally start off my day in a peaceful state, excited about the day, and keen to see what will unfold.

As the day goes on, I often find myself feeling disappointed, frustrated and placing judgments on whether it’s been a ‘good day’ or not. This was because I had an unconscious story around what I think should or shouldn’t happen, along with the belief that if things don’t pan out the way I want them to, I can’t feel how I want to feel.

When I noticed this pattern, I was able to release myself from it. I was able to breathe with a deeper level of trust and guidance, knowing that when I am at peace, I can serve at a higher level. When you do this for yourself, you will be driven by love, growth, and contribution.

Key Takeaways  

–         Stop chasing, start allowing

–         Pushing and forcing cuts off your flow

–         Be at peace and relaxed with the now

–         Trust your guidance and intuition

–         Your goals will chase you

Action steps

Today, when you feel your ego trying to ‘make something happen’ in order to feel successful, worthy or enough, sit with it and allow the feeling to be there.

Take a deep breath and meditate on it, imagine an invisible force around you, guiding you through life in perfect harmony. Breathe in your heart and ask yourself what feels aligned. What is your heart calling you to do, even if your mind can’t see the reason or the outcome?

This is building a business and a life with more consciousness, love, and peace. 

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