What were you to say or feel when I ask you how your business is going? 

Are you pleased, excited, happy, nervous, embarrassed? 

Where is your business compared to 6 or 12 months ago?  

What’s the trend? Are you going in the right direction? Most people seem to think that they are ‘stuck’. As if they are stagnant until what’s blocking them is removed.  

I would beg to differ. 

If you are into personal development, you have probably heard Tony Robbins say ‘If you’re not growing, you’re dying’.

What does this mean exactly?

Your life never stays stagnant, and this is also true for your business. If your business isn’t growing, it will be moving backward, soon to be yet another statistic on the radar of ever failed businesses.  

This is what happens when you avoid making important decisions such as your niche, what your outreach message should be, or what to say in your Facebook live. 

It happens when you avoid making offers to those in your target market, and in turn, fail to help anyone. 

It happens when you get distracted by activities that don’t bring in revenue, yet they allow you to be comfortable.  

A client of mine came to me for help when they were ‘stuck’ with a lack of sales. They thought they needed the right niche and offer before they started selling. While they weren’t making sales, do you think they were stuck in one spot? You guessed it, they were moving backward! 

You are never stuck, stagnant, still or steady. You are either moving forward or moving backward. 

What I helped this person understand was that consciously they thought they were standing still because they were scared to sell. However, unconsciously they were actually scared of the emotions selling would bring. They were avoiding the feeling of embarrassment, humiliation, anxiety, stress, and worry.  

In the process of comfort, safety, and familiarity, they were slipping backward, trying their hardest to minimize the damage.

So how do you know if your business is moving forward and will continue to do so in the future?

YOU move forward! For your business to grow, you must grow. For your business to be better, you must be better.

Well, you’re probably thinking, ‘how do I do that?’  

How often do you look inward in order to solve an external challenge? Do you constantly study your mind, challenge your stories and solve your internal conflicts?

How many times did you get outside your comfort zone and truly challenge yourself in the last 2 weeks? That will give you a great indicator as to whether you are moving forward or not.

I always encourage my clients to take a leap and show themselves what’s possible.

For me, I’ve always hated public speaking (like many of us!). So, this week I booked a venue to host my very own seminar. There are many fears, doubts, and worries that come with this leap. I’ve never spoken in public like this, never ran an event before and don’t even have a large following of people who are in my local area.  

I booked the event room before I told anyone about it, before I had written the content and well before I was comfortable with the idea. Some of you may think I’m crazy, others will totally understand where I’m coming from, and see this is a great example of emotional fitness. 

I take being a coach and a business owner very seriously. I think it’s our moral obligation to consistently push ourselves and be the example of what’s possible. If you aren’t challenging your own doubt and fears, how are you ever to grow?  

I think we all have a choice each and every day. What is that choice? It’s whether we choose to value fear and comfort, or value growth and contribution. This is what I love doing as an emotional fitness coach. I am able to help my clients see what is truly important to them, and act on their true values.

So, what’s your next leap?  

What can you do to challenge your own fears and doubts? 

How can you truly start moving forward and value contribution over fear? 

Thanks for reading, and remember: You only achieve in life, what you conquer within.   

If you are starting to realise that you must master your fear if you are to grow your business to the next level, feel free to click below and get free access to my mini course which walks you through the 5 steps for processing emotion. It’s time to become the fearless business owner you dream of.