It’s the one topic people complain about the most.

It’s the one everyone worries about.

It dictates a lot of our decisions, actions, and commitments.

You got it, it’s MONEY!

If we spend so much time thinking about it, how is it that no one ever has enough! Wouldn’t you think that the more time we spend thinking about it, we would solve all our issues around it?

In fact, the opposite seems to be true.

The more we think, worry and stress about money, the less we tend to attract and have! Is this opposite land!?
Hardly, it’s simply the way your brain and the world works.

When you stress about money, you are not looking to solve it, you are too busy being focused on the problem.

To understand this, you need to regognise the difference between a resourceful mental state and an unresourceful state.

When you are passionate, excited, creative, loving, insightful and flexible, you are using your internal resourcefulness to reach solutions to challenges that you couldn’t see when you were stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed.

Your brain literally operates in a different way when you feel different emotions.

When I started my coaching journey, I was worried about money. My story was that my talent as a coach was reflected in how much I was being paid.
Of course, the more I stressed about this the more desperate, needy and creepy I was whenever I would talk to a prospect that was semi-interested in my services.
My thought was:

‘If only I had a paying client, everything would change!’

Can you see how that thought would keep me stuck in a circle of despair?
Of course, in reality, the opposite is true. I needed to change on the inside first before I was able to think, feel and behave in a way that would attract, convert and deliver for my clients.

So are you fixated on the problem of money?

Feeling like you have the same patterns of thoughts, feelings and actions that trigger the same results over and over again?
Let’s shift this for a moment, shall we?
Why do you want more money? Really think about it.

Is it what you can buy, the trips and experiences you can afford, or even if it’s just to pay your bills on time?
No matter what it is you think you want more money for, I can guarantee you that it’s something deeper.

The reason why you want more money, the reason why you want anything in life, is because of how you think it will make you feel in the having of it.

Really let that sink in, and ask yourself:
What emotion am I looking to experience more of in the attainment of more money?
Is it security, stability, freedom, joy, importance, happiness, accomplished?

For me, the answer was success and abundance.
Here’s the simple truth that may shock many of you.

Money doesn’t make you feel those feelings. What makes you feel those feelings are your thoughts about it and what you make it mean.
With that being said, all the emotion you are looking to feel is inside you now, and can be unlocked with simple thought patterns of insight.

Therefore, everything you want in life, you already have.

When you truly understand this, you are able to create resourceful mental states so you not only feel better that vast majority of the time, but you are actually able to achieve your goals without any resistance.
Recognise YOU are in control of your emotion, not the external world and the events that happen to you. You can choose to think and feel however you want to around the topic of money, and that is true freedom!

If you were to rewrite your money story, what would it look like?

How is it that you are now learning, growing and experiencing your current situation for the better?
How will you view this current situation looking back 10 years from now? What can you give and contribute in the future because you have learned what you have in this circumstance?

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