Have you ever noticed how many people in business simply aren’t in control of their own emotional world? 

Have you seen in your own life how fear, doubt, and frustration can grab you by the stomach and restrict your success? 

Have the ever thought about why that is? 

You have probably felt your own emotions running wild inside you, leaving to ‘not so welcomed’ outcomes. 

It turns out we are never really taught how to manage our emotional life and build up our emotional fitness.  

A good starting point is to understand why the vast majority of business owners get stuck on their journey. While you read these examples, you may notice these patterns in your own life. 

When most people experience a negative or uncomfortable emotion (fear for example), they tend to consciously or unconsciously: 

1) Ignore it 

This is when someone will distract themselves, change topics, or do something in order to ‘feel better’. This may be going and reading a book, doing exercise, procrastinating, or delaying what needs to be done. They do this to avoid feeling that uncomfortable emotion. 

2) Fight it 

This is when we start feeling bad about feeling bad, starting the deadly downward spiral. This often occurs when we have the philosophy that we shouldn’t feel bad, and when we do, something is wrong and needs to be fixed. 

3) React to it 

This is when we feel the emotion and allow it to determine our decisions and actions. Have you ever made a decision from a place of fear, doubt, and frustration? It doesn’t lead to a pretty outcome.  

What happens when you adopt these strategies managing your emotions?  

It unconsciously builds inside you! It takes a lot of energy unconsciously to push down these uncomfortable emotions, leading to tension, burnout, and illness. 

What’s the alternative?  

Processing your emotion! 

This is when you take the time to actually feel your emotion fully and allow it to take it’s course. An emotion is like a candle, once you take the time to feel it, breathe with it, and process it, the emotion will start to burn out.  

Processing your uncomfortable emotion is one of the most crucial skills you can adopt for your emotional fitness.  


Think about the unshakable confidence you will have when you genuinely know that you are willing to feel any emotion and continue to move forward. 

Think of what you can do. 

Think of what you can achieve. 

Think about who you will become.  

When you process your emotion all the way through, there is nothing you can’t achieve, and you will avoid the unconscious down fall that lead most business owners to being stuck.  

So next time you feel fear, doubt, and frustration creep in, take some time to actually process that emotion.  

If you need steps on how to do this, I have actually created a free course showing you how. In here I walk you through the right way to do it, and I’ll hold your hand through the journey.  

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