Let me ask you a hypothetical question…

If a loved one of yours was drowning at the beach, with no one else around to save them, would you jump in and help??

If the answer is yes, would you also hesitate with insecurities, doubts, and fears? Would you worry about your running style, or what you are going to look like after being drenched in the waves?

Probably not!

Well, I have some news for you.

Some people in your life ARE drowning. Not in the literal sense, but your audience members need saving from their pain, challenges and struggles with life. Yes, YOU can help by adopting the same mentality you would have helped your loved one.

I get it, growing a business allows you to come face to face with your deepest fears and insecurities. When I started as a ‘life coach’, I was even embarrassed to claim that title as a 24-year-old.

But one mentality kept me on the track of service…

“It’s not about having permission to be an authority, but the willingness to overcome your fears and help one person consistently.”

With all your expertise, experience, tips, and steps, can you help one person gain a result they want? Can you have a healthy obsession with helping people do that? Can you find creative and resourceful ways to help people make that transition faster and easier?

If so, you have what it takes to continue the journey and be paid in the process.


I know the strategies of ‘how’ to do that can be overwhelming and complicated at times, and I’m always here if you want to brainstorm some strategies.

For right now, muster the inner confidence and certainty needed to jump in that water, and save those who need your help.

If you are ready to take the leap and engage your potential clients through meaningful collaboration, visit the Serving Circle welcome pack link below and sign up for the collaboration call.