Do you have goals to grow your business?

Do you want to become your best self in the process?

Do you want to make a difference and contribute to something beyond yourself?

If this sounds like the journey you’re on, you know your emotional fitness will be the determining factor in your success. So as a coach, I always encourage you to uncover the answer to this question:

What is driving your level of frustration?

If you can find the patterns of why this occurs at an unconscious level, you can then start to gain control over it.

So, when do you find yourself starting to get frustrated? Is it driven by your lack of results, when prospects don’t sign up or even just the circumstances you find yourself in?

These may seem like the reasons when you look at it on the surface. But what’s the real cause? Why do you feel red in the face, tense in the body and sweaty in the palms when you are on this business journey?

Well, your frustration is never caused by what’s happening around you, it’s caused by your unconscious blueprint of how you think things should or shouldn’t be.

Think about it, if you run a webinar and no one shows up, you may feel frustrated. But what if you were expecting no one to show up? What if you didn’t want anyone to show up? What if you simply didn’t invite anyone?

You may or may not be aware of it, but you have a blueprint in your head of how you think things in your environment should or shouldn’t be in order for you to be happy or at least satisfied.

If you are the type of person who is dead serious about accomplishing your large goals for 2019, you must understand how to separate yourself from your internal blueprint.

How do you do that? Two simple words: Accept and Appreciate

If you can accept what’s in front of you and learn to appreciate it, regardless of what it is, you will be in the place to serve that moment rather than trying to change it because of how you think it will make you feel.

This was a big part of my coaching breakthrough when I was 9 months into the journey and had 0 clients. I felt myself feeling frustrated because I had the unconscious story that said ‘they should sign up!’.

Ever feel like you need more money and more clients in order to feel happy or at least satisfied? If so, this is the very pattern that’s holding you back, because I’m sure you have seen that in those moments of frustration, you are far from serving that moment. If you can’t serve that moment as your best, resourceful self, there’s no wonder why no one signs up for your course, product or program.

You can now start to see how your level of emotional fitness will start to skyrocket the moment you are away of this internal blueprint that was previously hijacking your emotions.

Let go of all your expectations of how you think it should be and simply allow it to unfold, knowing that whatever happens, you will be there to fully accept, appreciate and serve the beautiful moments that will unfold.

If you are starting to realise that you must master your fear if you are to grow your business to the next level, feel free to click below and get free access to my mini course which walks you through the 5 steps for processing emotion. It’s time to become the fearless business owner you dream of.