What do you do when you want to achieve?

You set goals, right?

You increase your level of action and plan out what needs to get done.  You tick off your daily, weekly, monthly goals so that you can start seeing the income, clients, and freedom that comes from your hard work!

Simple isn’t it??

Then why the hell isn’t everyone doing it?

That’s because the brain is a lot more complicated than that.

When was the last time you procrastinated?

Could you feel a huge internal struggle between your thoughts, priorities, distractions, and feelings?

Why does your brain sabotage your success with doubt, stress, worry, and anxiety like a sick joke?

That’s because you have an unconscious brain that has the hunger to remain consistent with how you have been in the past and your self-identity.

Not only that, but this force is powerful!

If your conscious mind were like the waves out in the ocean, your unconscious mind is the unstoppable undercurrent. If you are planning goals and shifting your level of action with hustle and grit, you are calling upon the resources of your conscious mind.

It’s been said that only 5% of all decisions are made with your conscious mind. The more you rely on just your conscious mind, the harder it will be to change and achieve your goals.

However, let’s say you influence your unconscious brain to fight for you.

What if you were to control the internal power that’s making 95% of all your decisions to be in line with your goals, dreams, and desires?

This is what the successful entrepreneurs do.

How do you impact your unconscious? You don’t just shift your level of activity, you make a shift deep in your unconscious beliefs and self-identity.

It makes sense right?

If your brain has the unstoppable force to remain consistent with how it views itself, you just need to shift how you see yourself and your brain will go to battle FOR you.

Here’s the problem.

Most Digital Marketers and business owners keep telling themselves the story that they don’t have the experience, they are not good enough, and that they are poor.

This was me when I started my coaching business. I had the unshakable belief that I wasn’t good enough yet and needed that practice.

“If only I can get one or two paying clients, then I’ll be able to call myself a coach!”

Of course, you’re starting to realise now that this is a recipe for disaster. My unconscious brain was fighting against my success so that I remain consistent with not being good enough.

I tried all the business tactics, read all the books and took all the courses, and at the end of 9 months I had 0 clients online and felt defeated.

“Is this really for me?”

“What am I doing wrong?”

“What do I need to change?”

It was only when I sought out for my own coach that everything changed. I realised that unless I built an identity from the inside out, nothing else mattered.

This new identity had to be disciplined, focused, and self-loving. This identity needed to be a skillful, wealthy and passionate coach.

I realised I could command my unconscious brain through self-talk. Not just positive thinking, but real ‘I am’ statements that I felt with every cell of my body.

Your self-talk is the pathway to your unconscious. You can’t think of what you will be in the future, you need to identify as that self NOW! That’s how your brain will respond at an unconscious level and you will feel if from the inside out.

What happened to me?

I ended up getting 3 paying clients in 1 week, and truly experienced the benefits of making the internal shifts.

What are your ‘I am’ statements?

Who are you deep down that you can bring to the surface?

What parts of you need to come alive for you to thrive in your goals?

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