If you’re like most business owners, you have the dream of more freedom, income, and impact for 2019, right?

So you write down your vision, your plan, your goals for the year, in hope that you will do what it takes to make it a reality.
This comes from a very positive place, and it takes a tonne of courage just to make that decision!

The question is: Why do so many business owners fail to achieve their goals? You have basically every tool at your disposal, you have access to many proven strategies, and are even connected to other successful business owners who can guide you.

The answer is:  you are focusing on the wrong thing.

Most courses teach you one thing and one thing only- what to do. They give you the tools, tactics, and strategies so you can fly into the world and pick up the clients and revenue you desire. However, are you starting to realise that no matter what strategy you learn, you still find a way to get stuck?

If this is you, you will be asking yourself  ‘Ok, to achieve this goal what do I need to do differently? How much time and effort do I need to put into it?’

This seems logical, and this approach would work if you were in control of your decisions and actions. But, did you know that 95% of all your decisions and actions are actually unconscious?
This means that no matter what strategy you try, your brain will ALWAYS default to what’s comfortable and familiar. Are you starting to see why making a new level of income and freedom is so tough?

For that to happen, your brain must go through a high level of uncertainty. There’s uncertainty with your product, service, selling, marketing and even delivering for clients. Therefore, your brain will trick you into distraction, fear, doubt, hesitation and procrastination until you get so stuck that you throw your hands in the air and give up.
Some of you may be sitting there and thinking ‘but that’s ok because I love learning and I read every day’. I do too, but there’s a reason why this strategy has minimal results. Let me ask you, can you fix a tool in your shed by using that same tool?
Of course not!

Well, how are you supposed to solve the patterns in your brain by using just your brain? No wonder business owners are lost in fear, doubt and frustration!
I was there too. 9 months into my coaching business and I had zero clients! I was stuck and helpless. So what did I do? I hired a coach.

My coach helped me see that I was like a fly banging my head against the wall trying to get to the garden. I simply couldn’t see the unconscious thought and emotional patterns that were holding me back. Once she raised the mirror to my own patterns, I was able to truly grow my business to the next level.
If you’re the type of business owner who wants to master the art of business, you can start to realise that it’s not about what you do, it’s about who you are.
Do you want to know what your unconscious brain will always follow through on? The answer is your identity!

It will always be an uphill battle if you are trying to find the right strategy while holding onto the identity of being broke, new, and not good enough.

So back to the question, why do you need an emotional fitness coach for 2019?
An emotional fitness coach will help you see the patterns within you that you can’t see yourself. Imagine writing down your business goal and then aligning your unconscious mind, including your thoughts, emotions and behaviours to the achievement of that goal.

Imagine the level of certainty you would have knowing that your mind is fighting for you to succeed instead of fail, that it’s coming up with answers and reasons of why you can instead of can’t. As you think more and more about this you will see why 80% of your success on this journey will be your psychology and only 20% is the tactic and strategy.
In summary, I have a few questions for you:

1) Are you actually serious about achieving your business goals this year?
2) Can you see how the patterns keeping you stuck are actually unconscious?
3) Do you see the trap in only focusing on the new and best strategy?

To make this the best year yet, hire an emotional fitness coach and see the results for yourself.