Do you ever find yourself hustling, grinding, and still not finding the results you are after? Are you looking the the right strategy but no matter what you try, things don’t go the way you want?

If this is you, what you may need is not another tactic or an all-nighter. What you may need is a shift in consciousness.

There are 4 levels of consciousness you can find yourself in

  1. The Victim
  2. The Achiever 
  3. The Channel (receiver) 
  4. Oneness

 Depending which level you are at determines which tools will help with your development and expansion. In my experience, most entrepreneurs who are no longer getting the results they are after, tend to get stuck in ‘The Achiever’ level. No matter how hard you work, you find yourself going backwards.  

If you are ready to create a shift and start having higher level answers flow through you, play full out in the exercise for this episode.

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