Is This You?

Do you find yourself feeling guilty when you are not working? How about catching yourself avoiding certain emotions? Do you always feel driven to change something, believing that will bring you inner peace and happiness?

Are you finding that the hard work and hustle is no longer helping you achieve the results or quality of life you want for yourself?

If this resonates at any level, you may feel that you are out of balance. Between what, you ask?

Out of balance between you masculine and feminine energies. And yes, both need to be in harmony if you are to live the quality of life you want. This includes your emotional world and your external accomplishments. 

Why Is This Important?

We all have both masculine and feminine energies in us. 

If you don’t have a balance of both the masculine and feminine, the ying and the yang, everything becomes out of balance and you not only find yourself unhappy, but it also affects your ability to achieve 

Main Metaphor

One way to look at this is that the feminine energy is the side of you that looks inward. This is the energy of flow, love, presence, and draws in the necessary abundance to manifest something in front of you.

Your masculine is the energy that channels this flow and turns it into something physical in this world. This is the energy of structure, drive and wanting to make it happen.

This analogy can be understood by the activity of sculpturing a vase on a turn table. The feminine energy is the one that manifests the lump of clay on the turntable, sits back and asks ‘what is it that I want to create with this clay?’

The moment you put your hands to the clay, your masculine energy takes over and you can start taking your internal calling and channel it into physical reality through action.

I’m sure you can see the danger in having your masculine muscle over developed in this metaphor. It doesn’t how much you hustle, grind, pull all-nighters and learn all the strategies of how to make a vase. If you don’t take the time to look inward, feel fully, and manifest the lump of clay, not a lot is going to get done.

My story

This is what I found in my life. 

When I started my business 4 years ago, I was all about the hustle mentality. This is what originally produced some initial results as I started making money online and feeling proud about my expansion. 

As time went on, however, I realised it was producing less and less results while heightening my level of frustration, stress and worry. Yes, like many people, I was attaching external results to my happiness and levels of worthiness.

It was only when I started meditating, looking inward, and focusing more on what feels aligned to my heart, rather than what my ego believes I ‘should do’, that I began to work from a place of peace. 

When you truly accept all emotions as they arise, recognise the love that’s in you right now, and surrender to whatever this present moment has, your feminine can start to heal your wounded masculine. 

I imagined a wounded warrior, tired from a battle that should have never taken place, coming home and being healed by the energy of love and surrender. 


Main points

  1. We find ourselves in a culture where our masculine is over dominant 
  2. We are now acting out of ego, yet never finding true happiness and inner fulfillment. 
  3. Feminine energy is actually the manifester of what you want and healer of the masculine.
  4. It’s only when we find a balance between the energies that we not only have inner peace, but can target our action through the guidance of the feminine. 


Feel the difference between taking action from external ideas to feel enough, compared to ideas that fuel from within.

Next time you want to figure something out, or you have an idea, don’t take action right away, sit with it, allow your feminine to manifest and place the clay on the turntable. 


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