If you find yourself running into the same mental roadblocks time and time again, what you may need to is a shift in awareness and consciousness.

After noticing the same patterns in myself and members of the online community, I decided to run a bit of a collective challenge, or what we call a ‘Trek’. 

For 21 days the participating members will be dedicated to completing 3 out of the 7 items off this list to separate from their ego and build their business with more consciousness and love. 

Here are the 7 items. 

  1. Find 3 people to help and serve
  2. Forgive someone or yourself for something 
  3. Hold a space of love for 1 emerging uncomfortable emotion
  4. Notice and release 1 JAR pattern (Judgments, Attachments, Resistance) 
  5. Add 3 people to your business network
  6. Feel grateful for 3 things in your life right now 
  7. Take 1 action step towards your heart’s calling

If you feel it’s in your expansion to do something similar, feel free to jump on board, start ticking these items off your list each day, and notice the change in your business results as a by-product. 

If you want to join the engaging community of 1k+ heart-centered business owners who are all doing this inner work, masterminding around the latest business tactics, and collaborating to grow as one, feel free to use the link below:

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