Do you have money problems?

Do you have less than you like?

Do you spend it almost unconsciously, or maybe you aren’t happy with how much you earn?

As an entrepreneur, this is a topic that’s always in your head!

Most people think that the problem they have with money is their circumstance.

They think the problem is that that don’t have enough, that they need to work too hard to get it, or it takes too much time. Most think they need more of it to feel successful, worthy, stress-free, abundant.

You may feel great when you receive it, but the feeling never comes from the money itself. Money doesn’t make you feel anything. Nothing in your environment makes you feel anything!
It’s your thoughts about your circumstances that drive your feelings.

This may be a tough concept to grasp, but I’m here to shift your perspective and show you how ALL your money problems are in fact how you think about it.
Whether you have 100Mil in the bank or you are completely in debt, both circumstances are neutral.

This is something everyone should be taught about the patterns of human behaviour!

Well, why are your feelings so important?

Feelings determine the quality action moving forward, and obviously, the quality of consistent action will determine your results.

Do you notice the quality of action taken when you feel passionate and determined compared to worry and stressed? That’s what I’m talking about.

What’s the pattern I see in my clients?

New business owners look to increase their income and achieve a freedom lifestyle for how they think that will make them feel when they achieve it.

Well, what happens when you try a couple tactics and they don’t work as expected?

You then feel like your challenges are stopping you from feeling those emotions that matter most to you. You think those challenges are the barrier to happiness, abundance, and joy.

You are then dependent on external results to determine how you feel and rely heavily on it for your motivation.

We are all smart enough to see that’s a recipe for disaster leading to frustration, disappointment, anger, fear, and scarcity.

If you want a particular result, let’s say a 6 figure business. To achieve that result, consistent resourceful action is needed to get outside of your comfort zone and fail many times until you find out what works.

You cannot be operating from a level of scarcity and add value in a way that builds more wealth.

You need to think thoughts and feel feelings that are in line with your vision. The patterns occurring in your head must lead to adding value to your clients, creating an abundant life, and loving yourself each step of the way.

The truth is, you will always have positive and negative thoughts flowing through your head. That’s all part of being human. However, what leads to negative or positive emotion is whether you believe those thoughts or not.

What thoughts do you have about money? What thoughts do you have about the amount of money you have right now? What are your thoughts about charging money for your services?

I do this exercise with my clients and I hear them say:

‘I don’t have enough’
‘I need more money’
‘I need more clients’
‘I don’t think I’m good enough’

We have all had these thoughts or at least some variation of them. But are they leading to the emotion, action, and results that you want to see for your business and life? That is the big question!

Now, these thoughts may seem true, but many other thoughts can also be true. How about instead of ‘I don’t have enough’ you think ‘I have 0 clients right now, and this time requires the most growth.’

It’s a thought that can still be true, one just leads to more empowering emotions and actions.

Can you now see that any business problem, isn’t actually a problem until you define it as one? This is something to remember when you are in a particular challenge and can’t see a way out.
Your brain is more powerful than you think. Be aware of your thoughts and know what problems you are creating. Those problems are there to help you grow, so embrace them. Just remember it is your thinking that makes them a problem, therefore you are NEVER stuck.

Thanks for reading!

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