If you are running your own business, I know you are open to anything and everything that’s going to help you get the results that you want and become the business owner you know lives deep within you.

So I want to discuss something that goes against the grain, but if you have an open mind to it, you will take away something that can immensely benefit your results.

The main culture in today’s entrepreneurial community is ‘hustle until your eyes bleed!’

This underlying principle is that…

‘I’ll hustle, grind and struggle now so that I can have a better life when I finally get the results and rewards for my labour.’

I think there are some positives to this. There are many people who can benefit from a stronger work ethic, an ‘I can do it’ attitude, and a discipline to follow through on their own word.

This is actually what I help business owners do at some degree, I help them double their discipline and focus, right?
However, if you spend some time talking the entrepreneurs in the trenches right now, you will see a huge pattern.

This journey is making some people miserable. They are burnt out, disappointed, frustrated, angry, confused and stuck in their own life.

How can this be? They have been ‘hustling’ for 3, 6, 12, 18 months, even years, and still feel they haven’t earned the results they deserve or know they can achieve.

When I help business owners double their discipline, it’s actually what I would call doubling their internal resourcefulness.
More on this later, but I want to offer my insight onto why I think this river of misery is happening.

1) The grind mentality

Your unconscious brain responds to metaphors more than anything. What does the metaphor of hustle and grind mean for you? Holding onto the metaphor of ‘going through the grind’ means there’s a lot of resistance, right? That’s what your brain will unconsciously manifest as your internal and external reality while you grasp that metaphor and belief.
Ever achieved a result or it just shows up without the work being put in? Those circumstances show you that work and effort don’t necessarily correlate to results.

 2) Hustle can breathe scarcity

Your thoughts may be ‘I want to hustle out of this situation because I can’t stand these current circumstances.’
It doesn’t take much research to see that many entrepreneurs are looking to earn more income and freedom because they feel the lack of it.
What I see is the mentality of ‘I need to hustle out of this situation so I can feel better.’
Remember, this is never the case! Your results won’t make you feel better, your thoughts about the results will make you feel better. The hustle can sometimes take you out of the true power you have at that moment because you are too busy trying to get somewhere else.

3) The hustle loop

When the hustle is the only tool on your tool belt, it’s the only go-to option for you. But what happens when you are like a fly banging its head against the window trying to get to the garden? Sometimes the hustle mental tool isn’t the right fit.
We can see this psychologically also. Sometimes the more you try and change a behaviour, the more it persists. Your solution is to then hustle again at a greater levels, despite not getting the results you are after.
Not only that, but you see a lack of result and then feel guilty that you aren’t working and hustling enough! What do you do when you face challenges in the future, 2, 5, 10 years from now? Your only tool will be to work longer and harder. If that’s the life you want, go for it, but to me, that’s not freedom.


This isn’t about saying yes or no to the hustle. If it’s working, great, if it’s not, let’s try something else. If it’s working a little bit, let’s add some more mental tools.

I personally love the hustle. I think following through on your own word helps you build a relationship with yourself that goes beyond just confidence and satisfaction. I think it builds self love and a deep respect for yourself.

But this is just like a carpenter showing up to work with just a hammer.

There’s nothing wrong with a hammer, I would highly encourage EVERY carpenter to get crazy good at using it. However, it’s just 1 tool in the box.

If you identify as a hustler, I love that. I do too. But recognise that the hustler side of you is exactly that, 1 side.

There are many sides to you that can also be used as mental tools for your entrepreneurial journey, denying that is selling you short. In fact, and you are already using them!

Some of you enjoy rest, reflection, insight, love, curiosity, passion, and wisdom.
You can keep the hammer, use it whenever you like! But wouldn’t it be an obvious choice to have other tools in your toolkit?

This is what’s called the ‘law of requisite variety’ in the NLP world. Basically, those who have the most options available are those who can control the situation and reach a better outcome.

A huge breakthrough for me came when I realised that everything we want to achieve is because of how we think it will make us feel when we achieve it. Not only that, but all emotions come from within because they are controlled by the thoughts we believe, not by our circumstances.

I realised at that moment that everything I am after is inside me now.

I was able to feel love, abundance, and joy without achievement. With this insight came a powerful resourceful state, and I was able to achieve more for myself and create incredible shifts for my clients.

This insight and the massive result didn’t rely on my hustle mental tool. I used my reflection, imagination and insight to step back from my own life and apply inner wisdom. If I had continued the hustle, my head would have been down in my business once again and I would still be trying struggling to achieve the feeling I was after all along.
So to get the best results that you deserve and to become the business owner you want to be, always be asking yourself the question of which internal resource or tool would you like to use for any given challenge.

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