What are the problems in your life?

While you’re growing a business, attracting clients and focusing on personal development, what are the barriers that get in your way?

Have you been stuck with the same problems for a long time? Are you facing those same challenges again and again? Are you starting to realise that if something doesn’t change you will still be facing them head on in 1, 3 and even 5 years time?

Well if you’re the type of person who wants to consistently grow, you must understand why something becomes a problem.

I will share this in just a minute.

What I’m also going to explain in a minute is the number 1 philosophy and overall belief I have found people can adopt in order to move through their challenge to the other side.
But firstly, place yourself in this example.

Let’s say one fine morning you are driving in your car and instantly you are hit by traffic. You are stuck in a traffic jam and you were already late for an appointment. Is this a problem?
The traffic starts slowly moving, but your car stands still. You put your foot on the accelerator as you start seeing steam escaping the bonnet. Is this a problem? At the same time, you realise you left your phone at home!

You start making your way to a phone booth on the side of the highway and as you turn and break your ankle on the gutter. Is this a problem?

When you get to the phone you call your Mum and before you have time to explain what’s happened you hear here crying. She has just found out she has cancer.

Let me ask you, as you hear this news what happened to the traffic?

What was once the worst thing in the world has now turned into an insignificant event. This should show you that it is NOT the problem that makes you feel frustrated, upset, or overwhelmed.
It’s the way you look at it.

I’ll give you an insight into my coaching. When I’m working with a particular client, they come to me for a variety of challenges including procrastination, doubt, frustration, fear and overwhelm.
One thing I’m always asking myself is never if it’s a problem, but why it’s a problem for them. In other words, what is it about that person’s thinking that makes it a problem? Others may have the exact same circumstance and not see it as a problem.

What do you think about when you think about your particular problem?

Does it seem impossible?
Does it seem like it has a big impact on other areas of your life?

Is it stopping you from feeling free, happy and abundant?

Well, what’s the number 1 philosophy and belief that can allow you to move through your challenge and achieve the result on the other side?

Every problem in your life is here to help you grow in some way!

That’s it, every single challenge in your life with business, finances, relationships, career or health are here to help you grow in some way.

This may be a new perspective, a new skill or even adopt a new way of being. Problems and challenges are always stretching you so you can look inward and find a true part of your best self that needs conditioning.

What part of you is that?

What part is this problem calling upon, to show up and take charge?

Is it your love, passion, determination, patience, care, or empathy?

You may also find that these characteristics are not just what’s required to move past the challenge, but they are what’s necessary in order for you to achieve your goals!

Think about it, if you want to achieve your big goals in life, you need to become the next version of yourself that’s worthy of that achievement. All challenges and problems do is boost you along the journey. However, they only boost you if you view them in the right way.

If you don’t view the challenge with a mindset of growth, that problem will continue to bother you and continue to show up until you learn the lesson that it’s here to give you.

If you’re like most people, they never get the lesson. They stay pissed off, upset, angry and frustrated at the same problems, issues and people for years.

This is the reason why most people get stuck with the same results.

If you don’t want to be stuck, ask yourself these questions:

What is this challenge here to teach me?
How can I use this opportunity to grow into my next version?
How is this growth necessary in order for me to achieve my goals?

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