A few months back I started a small private Facebook group with entrepreneurs who wanted to increase their discipline through exercise.
Each person set a 4-week unique challenge that they knew ahead of time would be tough. Some people getting back into running wanted to run 5 times a week, each run being 10ks. Others found it motivating just to walk down the street.

Mine was to run at 6 am 4 mornings out of the week. Everything was going great. I was waking up early, getting more work done, recording all of my runs on an app to share with the group until the last week I got terribly sick.

The majority of my days were spent in bed, coughing, sneezing, with aches and pains all over my body. I had to cancel my coaching sessions and wait it out.

However, I had a commitment to myself. I still had 2 runs to do for the week, and I was NOT feeling better. 6 am rolls around, and what do I do?

I got out of bed, put my shoes on, and jogged down the street in the dark, cold morning.

Why would I do that? The challenge was all about discipline, and the saying I kept repeating to myself was
‘The completion of the task is bigger than the task itself’

Let me explain…

What happens when you back out on your own plans? Your self-confidence plummets! You make up stories about yourself

I don’t have the willpower
I’m not good enough
I can’t do that
I just don’t follow through

This is why many people set goals, but never stick to them. They have it as their identity that they are not the type of person who follows through.
Imagine you had a friend that organised a lunch date with you every Monday. If that friend bailed on you, left you sitting at the restaurant by yourself 10 Monday’s in a row, how much confidence would you have in the friend?

I’m going to take a huge guess and say your confidence would be near the ground,
It’s no different for you and your own word to yourself.

However, let’s look at the other option.

What happens when you do follow through on your own world regardless of how tough the task is and how much you don’t feel like doing it in the moment?
Your confidence will skyrocket!

You will learn more about yourself and you will find out what you are capable of.

This self-confidence is what I see missing in many of the business owners who come to me for help.

They are freaking out about their future business results because they don’t have the faith in themselves that they can follow through, take consistent action to achieve the income, freedom, and impact they want.

Want to know the real reason why I love helping business owners build internal discipline?

You get to build a relationship with yourself that is built on respect and self-love.

In my opinion, this simple factor can solve the vast majority of challenges you are facing.

The majority of challenges on the surface seem different. But underneath it all, you are frustrated because of how you see yourself, and you think you need to achieve in order to change the way you see yourself. It’s backward, you need to view yourself and respect yourself in order to achieve.

That’s what holding your own word does.

Once you see yourself in a high regard you don’t fear failure, rejection, or humiliation because you don’t make that event mean anything about who you are.
How do you do this?

Have a calendar that you keep for your daily tasks.

Only put the things on there that you know you will commit to.

When the time comes to complete that task, you do it no matter what.

Build this skill up slowly. Do some tough tasks and remind yourself that you are strong enough to feel any physical or mental challenge that comes your way.

Put this into practice and feel that confidence start to return, feel the opinion of yourself start to shift and then see the results in your business start to flourish.

If you think this helped, and you are the type of person who wants to achieve their next level of results, you will love my new PDF below. Remember, you will always achieve the same results while you carry the same mental patterns.